Saturday, September 17, 2016

Been A While

It's been a while, but I'm still clicking and making some cents. Had to come back and post a bit before I go to the grocery store. Though that part is debatable since I'm struggling with pain in my neck and not sure I want to struggle with all the carrying up stuff over and over while in pain. Anywho I gotta upload some payment proofs and give you a head's up of another site that I just love. It's called InstaGC and I've been mostly doing surveys and I found a great way to make some good money doing those and will be surveying like crazy daily to test that out.

Ok a little about InstaGC and why you should join. Me and my boyfriend use the site and you cash out and get it instantly. Yup I get my gift cards right away in my account. I can go for as little as $1 and bam right away. I usually get amazon gift cards because I love to shop there. Once I get $50 cashed out I can start getting paypal. My boyfriend though is in another country and he gets paypal automatically without the 50$ gift card minimum. I think it's because most gift cards are for American sites so that away other countries aren't left out. They have videos to watch and offerwalls to help you earn towards your cashouts easily every day. Yesterday I earned a bit over $2 just from two surveys and I would of done more, but it was late and I was struggling with pain which isn't a motivator at all.

So I'll be posting payment proofs soon since I already have a few from before. So if you're interested in earning either gift cards or paypal cash or even amazon coins then sign up here InstaGC. As with everything I won't post unless I've tried it before because well that's the honest way to do things and I do hope you can earn some good money.