Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Bit More About my Earnings

Well this is a quick snapshot of my overall time with Clixsense as of 7/5/2016. As you can see I became more active in June 2016. Before I was kinda in and out not really cashing out or participating at all. I was bored with just about everything and didn't have motivation. Last month I completed a survey and was just like wow I have money now. Well I've been in survey's before on and off for 12 years so this wasn't "new", but it definitely got my interest. Ever since then I've been checking daily and trying to get in as many as I can so I can keep my earnings up and cashing out.

Right now my money is in pending because I am waiting for the cashout which will be any day now. The cool thing about Clixsense is that I can keep adding my earnings to my cashout and it will be sent as lump sum. I usually cashout at $8 and just watch it add up. You can cash out once a week and that was a fun time learning that little tidbit. I had cashed out one week and it came and I was just racking up more money to do a second one and well that one was more than the previous! Just over 60$ on that cash out. I'll have screenshots later once I dig them up from paypal and block out my real life info. It was exciting though each and every survey I did kept bringing my total up and up. I hope to do that again soon and I probably will this week! I'm sitting at 24$ right now which is a pretty nice sum. Well off I go to grab my mail because I gotta go check out the Cindwood Knitting Looms I ordered and paid for with my Clixsense earnings!

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