Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Does Clicking make Cents?

Kinda nifty name eh? I pushed and pulled that name around in my head for almost a month now and here it is! Clicking does make cents or (sense). I do a lot of clicking while I'm on the computer and it's really making some cents or even dollars for that matter. I won't get rich doing it, but I have fun and enjoy spending that money on things I want or need. Well mostly wants right now because I am using these extra cents to get things I normally can't afford or kept telling myself I don't need it.

So far so good this last month I made over 100$ and bought some Cindwood Knitting Looms for myself. I love that brand and it keeps my hands busy for when I'm not up to sitting at the computer and want to do something while watching television. They ate up all my earnings last month, but without clicking I wouldn't of been able to afford that luxury. I will have putting up a picture soon since they are in my mailbox and I'm about to go grab them when it's not almost 90F outside. Long walk to the mailbox and heat don't mix with me nope!

I'm now currently saving up to pay for my Aerogarden Harvest which I shall have pictures up when it arrives. I bought it on QVC Easy Pay and I'm paying for it via Clixsense earnings. Right now I have over 20$ pending to be paid in a few days. That covers this month's payment and I know I can more than cover each month's 24$ payment with Clicking. I'm hoping to buy another version of the Aerogarden so I can do lettuce and tomato's at one time instead of waiting months to get each planted and eaten. I want tomato's with my salad or salad with my tomato's so kinda makes sense right? Turn my want into a need.

My main clicker is clixsense and I love it. I've been a member for 8 years now and it's honestly a great PTC site. I don't just click ads and to be fair I don't click many ads. I do survey's and tasks which earn me decent money for my time. I'm honest and articulate with my answers so I don't have any issues getting surveys. You don't even have to be an American to join the site which is great. Though I am going to be honest Americans have to get a check the first time to validate their address which is free btw. The only thing is your first cashout minimum is $10 which is easy to reach and I've done that in a day before. Once that is done then it's smooth sailing with paypal which is $8 minimum. Love it! Well I am gonna be posting cashout screenshots which will help motivate me to do more and maybe help you decide whether or not you wanna join. So have fun and happy clicking.

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